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Pride is an established event for sexual- and gender minorities, and it highlights everyones right to be proudly who they are. The purpose of Manse Pride is to emphasise how important it is to feel comfortable in ones own skin, embrace love in all its forms, and off course, to celebrate everyones individual experience of their gender.

This summer we are holding Manse Pride Week June 6-11. The Pride Week will offer for example literature, dance, burlesque, events, picnics, and of course a grand opening with the appropriate festivities. We follow the principles of safer events.

The theme of the week is: Ole totta Tampereella! – Be true in Tampere!

The culmination of Manse Pride is the Pride March and festivities at Sorsapuisto 11.6.2022.

  • The Pride March will take place on Saturday, June 11, 2022
  • The march will start at 14:30 in Koskipuisto.
  • The length of the march is about 1.5 km.


The Manse Pride human rights march continues the long-standing march tradition in Tampere. We are marching for human rights and equality. The event is carried out in a constructive spirit and has been organized in cooperation with the Tampere city and the authorities.

The Pride March is a public meeting and a demonstration. Participants are expected to respect the spirit of the demonstration. Although we have tried to create a responsibly organized event, there are so many people present that everyone participates at their own risk and is responsible for their own property. We hope that, for example, young minors will not come alone, but will be accompanied by a safe adult.

There is a police car at the beginning and end of the march and there are security officers alongside the march. Volunteer traffic controllers direct other traffic during the march.

Participants must observe the general rules of order and the police’s instructions. Abusive behavior towards other participants, blade weapons and other prohibited equipment and supplies, as well as other inappropriate behavior, are strictly prohibited.

If you wish, bring your own demonstration sign or ticket to promote equality and human rights. Balloons as well as other decorations are welcome, but do not litter! Anyway, we follow the rules of order, but we march in a positive spirit for human rights!

If you have any questions about the Manse Pride Week, please email: